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Getting Started


Check us out! Come by and take a look at the facility, watch a training session and talk to current clients.

Book a complimentary consultation. This gives us the best opportunity to find the right path, sessions, skill levels, progressions, and initial timelines for getting you started and keeping you accountable on your fitness journey. Consultations take roughly 45min, in this time we will establish your goals, put a plan into action and get you started. CLICK HERE to schedule your complementary consultation and experience the CF312 difference! Our expert Coaching staff will take you step by step through our method towards authentic fitness, that is relevant TO YOU and YOUR GOALS.

Attend class and get cracking at your goals! Log your progress and be sure to opt-in to your Athlete Check-In. This gives you the opportunity to get side by side photos and body fat testing every 12 weeks, to see quantifiable results.

Stay goal-origentated. We have 3 basic paths that our Group Training can take you down. No one path (Fitness, Performance, or Competition) is harder than the other, but they all align with a specific goal. We recommend for most people to stay with one path for 3-6months before switching gears.

Enjoy the on-going life changing experiences that come along with training at CF312. Continue advancing your knowledge of health and fitness, and ask questions as much as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to achieve your personal fitness goals and improve your quality of life.
*This requires dedication to your program as well as leading a healthy lifestyle and eating well.