CrossFit 312

a. perform 3 sets, on a running clock:
10 back squats @ 40% + 10 more back squats, “40 seconds from the time of your first rep” in this double-set; rest 5 minutes between double-sets. example: at 0:00 you start your first set of 10 reps, by the time the clock hits 0:40 you have to start your second set of 10 consecutive back squats. the quicker you get it done, the more time you have between single-sets.
*all athletes will be performing 60 reps of their back squat at set percentage.

b. 3 sets of 90s: max(skiers); rest 3 minutes
-rest 5 minutes between a+b; post notes to comments

4+ hours later
x. 10 x 1 minute (running clock) of 3 power clean @ 80-85% t-n-go pace 
*increase 5lb if all sets where under 10s, last time.

small groups have been formed and email’s have gone out! if you’re on the list and have not recieved one, please contact us asap!

reminder there is no 6pm class tonight!

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