CrossFit 312

a. 10min: muscle-up practice; rest 3 minutes
-1. muscle-ups
-2. strict muscle-ups
-3. forward roll to muscle-up
-4. muscle-up to headstand/tuck

notes: where ever you are in your muscle-up progression, start working on progressions to the next skill level up. work with a spot on strict and/or fwd-roll-muscle-ups to ensure controlled movement through transitions.

b. 18min: on the minute
min1: max consecutive muscle-ups; rest remaining time
min2: max consecutive double unders (see notes/slop); rest remaining
min3: max consecutive snatch, 135/95lb; rest remaining
-post results to comments

notes: 18 minute running clock beeping on the minute. on the first minute perform as many consecutive muscle-ups as possible (within a minutes time) and then rest the remaining time in that minute. at the next beep, for minute number 2, perform as many unbroken double unders as possible, and so on with the consecutive “squat snatch” in minute three. work with a modification or load that allows at least 4 reps in the first rounds of MU/SN. for double unders, you should pick a variation that allows roughly 30 seconds of unbroken work each round. there is a 5rep slop rule for the double unders. if anyone starts a set of double unders and trips up before they hit their 5th rep, they can restart that set, but not count it towards their total.

a. “the kip” in the kipping pull-up

notes: learn the basics of the kip swing, while building the strength and flexibility in the shoulder girdle to perform kipping pull-ups as well as kipping toe-to-bar and knees-to-elbows through a series of drills.

b. 18min: on the minute
min1: max consecutive ctb pullups
min2: max consecutive double unders (5r slop reset)
min3: max consecutive power snatch, 135/95lb
-post results to comments

notes: same notes as LEVEL2 only chest to bar (ctb) pull-ups instead of MU. same modifications apply. level1 will be performing power snatches instead of squat snatches.

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