CrossFit 312

aa. 5x1r negative mu
ab. 5x 1r negative pullup + 1r negative dip; rest as needed
max reps in 30 minutes:
b1. 30-20-10r of double unders + sit-ups
b2. 30m burpee broad-jump
b3. 15 muscle-ups
-post results/mods to comments

training notes: (a) choose either aa for controlled negative mu at a pace of 5 seconds down (2 second negative dip, 1 second transition *not falling through the transition) and another 2 seconds lowering yourself through the pull-up), or ab to start working those deep rom’s of both the dip and pull-up to start prepping the joints for transitions. (b1) use combinations of target taps and double under attempts if not yet consistent in double under repetition. (b3) use the mu mod as you would if we were doing 30 mu for time. bar mu is ok sub if ring muscle-up is not there yet. (b) complete as many cycles of 1-3 as possible in 30 minutes, while trying to only rest between segments rather than within each sub-section; modify to make this happen.

a. bar muscle-up + ring-row-mu technique
max reps in 30 minutes:
b1. 30-20-10r of lateral jumps + sit-ups
b2. 30m burpee broad-jump
b3. 15 jumping bar muscle-ups or 25 ring-row-mu
-post results/mods to comments

training notes: (a) start building the proper motor patterns to put together a muscle-up with low tension on the body. (b) modify each section for best unbroken effort, focusing your reset between sections rather than during each individual effort.

**reminder: no classes on saturday. open gym on sunday is limited to the Aberdeen Room

athletes: if you are participating and so choose to come in today, work at 40-50% effort level, walking yourself through the workout rather than pushing a higher output – aim to keep yourself active rather than burning out your CNS or working into muscle fatigue.
cf312: come support your fellow athletes as they throwdown in a fun series of events to test their skills and work capacity.
08:45am – Event1 Breakdown
10:15am – Event2 Breakdown
12:15am – Event3 Breakdown
09:00am – Event4 Breakdown (Top 7 Males + Females)
09:40am – Event5 Breakdown (Top 5 Males + Females)

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