CrossFit 312

[08AM] strength
oly / heavy lifting
-post results to comments

[09AM] fitness/all-levelsTESTING
DeFranco Challenge @ 140/100lb;
all out, for time:
30m low; rest 60s
30m high; rest 60s
30m low
Lactic Endurance Test
1k row for time

[10AM] performanceTESTING
3 attempts at heaviest Bear Complex (heaviest load for 35 unbroken reps)
*7 deadlift + 7 hang power cleans + 7 front squat + 7 StO + 7 back squat

notes: you don’t know how hard these are until you try them.

recipe delmonico’s ribeye steak

Come check out your fellow 312′ers in action tomorrow morning at CrossFit Defined Lincoln Square as they compete in the Trodo Box League Games.

Heat 4: Jess, OE, s.Hoes, r.Hoes
1.00,2.30,3.33, 5.00pm

Heat 6: Maria, Sharp, MikeZ, John
1.30, 2.50, 3.49, 5.40

Trodo Games Dec 2013 Courtesy of Trodo